Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Salamander Room

The Salamander Room is such a wonderful book that I find 
it hard to believe I haven't written about it yet.
There's an extra good reason to write about it now, 
at least for Nashville.
Warner Park Nature Center chose the title for their current 
Story Walk. Facebook followers may remember the Story Walk, 
a short (very short) trail with pages from a book posted at intervals along the path (for those familiar with Warner Park trails, it's on Little Acorn).
We owned The Salamander Room, but seem to have read it to
pieces. Both boys enjoyed seeing it again on the trail.
I asked my older boy to write about it for you, but he
said he could only remember there was a salamander and
an outside room. That led us to the Reading Rainbow video,
which your kids may enjoy, that describes how people construct indoor animal habitats. Web searching this title yields cool results.
My son wrote this description for me:
Brian would catch insects for the salamander. 
Brian found an orange salamander. He’d sleep in a salamander bed. 
He’d slide in wet leaves and climb up the tree. 
Birds will fly from the ceiling to the sky. Ferns will grow under Brian’s bed. Brian will sleep outside and next to the salamander.
Every part of the salamander story was good in the story walk. 
I like the ponds the frogs will live in. No one has ever climbed trees inside a house before. Sleeping in an outside bed is exciting. If you slept there, you would be closer to the crickets and owls.
This is a keeper. If your child loves nature you may want to buy it.*
May your June be full of nature's magic.
-Spectrum Mom
*if lots of people use this link to buy it, amazon may give me a gift card. Not holding my breath, but thought you should know.

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