Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little One Step and Growing Up

It's Wednesday!
Do I have any regular readers left? If so, accept my apologies.
Summer has swamped the schedule.
The other day I was in a virtual discussion about our kids wanting
to be babies again, and a friend suggested this link
Good books, and helpful reviews* which reminded me of how
much we adored Little One Step.
Little One Step helps your child understand that you get places
by putting one foot in front of the other. 
This really helps a tired kid keep going.
On the metaphorical level, the fella above (he's saying
"one step") helps us to remember to focus on the now.
We may not see how to complete the journey, but
we can take the next step.
The illustrations are adorable and expressive,
simple, clean, and uncluttered.
This should appeal to kids from about two to six,
and those who cling to younger books with its
reassuringly few words per page and simple story.
*Way too critical of the Runaway Bunny though, that book is meant for
itty bitty babies/toddlers who want reassurance that Mommy will always be right there.
Rule of thumb, if your child can conduct a book critique and discuss character
motivation and personality, they're past Margaret Wise Brown and Eric Carle
(unless they're already favorites).
Also, I didn't feel that any of the books on the list addressed the central baby/kid dilemma:
- we do expect more of kids than babies
- we do praise and cuddle babies more.
So I wrote a kids' book about that. Can you read it? I don't know. If you know me, 
you probably can. I'm trying to figure out my next little one step for it .  .  .
-Spectrum Mom

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