Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doreen Cronin Live

Click Clack Moo and my oldest boy are contemporaries.  
I remember hearing about the book (which won the Caldecott) and seeking it out with satisfactory results. 
He's enjoyed the rhythm and word play of the book and its successors (Dooby, Dooby, Moo is a particular favorite).
He may never outgrow picture books, as few authors for 
older kids remember to reiterate important words like "boing."
So when Parnassus Books hosted a signing for
Doreen Cronin I planned to go. Unfortunately,
my oldest had to undergo an assessment that pm,
so I grabbed his younger brother instead.
Doreen Cronin is charming. Funny and mildly
self-deprecating, she reads well and makes
her book tours to schools as well as to bookstores.
When I talked with her briefly about my boy with
autism and her books, she instantly referenced Click Clack Moo, a book which she says parents and teachers have mentioned as a favorite of kids with autism.
No doubts in my mind as to why. Not only
are the story and pictures well matched, but
the text includes alliteration and rhythm.
Monday, my boy started a microanalysis on the differences
between the book and the musical (see previous post).
About the book he says,
"It's the pages and words I like, all the notes" (the notes the animals wrote to Farmer Brown).
"The main thing is that the cows type, and the cows went 
on strike."
Cronin's new book is M.O.M. 
a very funny "Operator's Guideto mothers.
-Spectrum Mom

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