Thursday, May 10, 2012

Click Clack Moosical

If you're in Nashville, you have one more weekend to see
Click Clack Moo at Nashville Children's Theatre. If you're
not, but your town has a children's theatre, you might get lucky,
or you might suggest the show to them.
NCT does many shows based on classic children's books including
picture books. Click Clack offers a stronger storyline than most,
and the adaptor has done a nice job rounding out the personalities
of Cows, Duck and Hen and their befuddled overlord Farmer Brown.
Although the book started a series, the musical sticks to the original story.
There is an intermission, perhaps to give the Cows a break from
dragging around their udders. Let your kids know. One very
young theatre-goer watched the first half entranced, but didn't
understand coming back in after going out.
Yesterday Duck (Pete Vann) left his pond for a very special
story time at Parnassus Books with author Doreen Cronin.
More on that and my conversation with the gifted
Ms. Cronin next Wednesday.
Thanks NCT and all the actors for this joyous show.
NCT strives to be accessible to all children and offered
a special show of Belle et Bete for kids with autism. At
the usual shows you can always take kids to the comfort
room where you can still see the show but sound can be adjusted
and your kids can talk or ask questions if they need to do so.

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