Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Patrick's Day - Reading Together

On days when it's me and the six year old and the eleven year old, 
I usually grab a picture book and we read together. 
My eleven year old with autism takes the lead dialogue role 
and I read the rest.
Yesterday he read the part of Patrick, a boy who thinks and acts like 
he's extra special (in the nicest possible ways) because he has a parade and a day all to himself. When he decides to change his parade, he finds out the truth. So he starts to act like an "ordinary boy" (unpleasant and unhelpful). But he soon discovers that he's 
not ordinary after all.
My older boy stayed focused and in the story, despite his
younger brother's lack of attention and his own tendency
to act events out. When we discussed the tale today he
remembered key elements like "the first Patrick's Day 
parade,"  that "Patrick wanted to be himself," and "they
had a parade of rainbows."
He retold a story well in school yesterday as well. He's  
improving at this hugely important skill and I need to
give him more opportunities to retell events and stories.
His enthusiasm for picture books continues to be far 
greater than for text only stories. I think he appreciates
the extra information.
Anyone else out there have a tweenager who likes
picture books? What does s/he like to read?
-spectrum mom
Featured Book:
Patrick's Day
Elizabeth Lee O'Donnell
Pictures by Jacqueline Rogers

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