Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Flyers by Oliver Neubert

If your child devours fantasy books, it's always good to find a series.
My boy doesn't, but he's enjoying parts of The Flyers
The Flyers is the first book in The Wind of Life trilogy by Oliver NeubertMr. Neubert sent me a review copy and we've been reading it for a week.
This is not one I would have picked for my kid on my own
because there are no illustrations, poetry, word play or
absurdity. But it is a straight forward narrative well aimed
at middle school readers. The characters are fourteen year
old kids. They have wings, can fly, and live in a very
different culture, but they're still kids. And my boy likes
the way Neubert names mountains and weaves them into
chapter titles and the narrative.
Yesterday he asked why Val was hiding-

that level of engagement is a good sign, since I was
reading that page. 
[I make him hold the book whether I'm reading or he is, 
because his attention wanders fast.]
Last night he also got stuck on something in the book that
reminded him of something else and wanted to repeat that 
for a while.
I would recommend this book for the aforementioned
fantasy readers from about 4th - 8th grades who have
enjoy and understand fiction.
Neubert also has a series with a female protagonist,
Chantel's Quest. Interested? Visit his website
with the link above.
-Spectrum Mom

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