Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gifts for Children with Autism

If you have a child with autism in your life you
may have the unusual (and somewhat refreshing)
experience of a child who does not ask for presents.
But at Christmas or Hannukah, a list of demands is welcome,
if not compulsory. Here are a few gift ideas if you're stuck. 
I like the You Read to Me, I'll Read to You series
and my mother also remembers the books fondly 
(1st-3rd grade) since it is very scripted, and my kid responds well to that.

My sister gave him Bananagrams which he can spill out 
and play however he wants to, and we can take turns or not,
depending on how the day is going.

My mother gave him a magnetic poetry set, 
strange groupings of words that he then tries to decipher. There are a whole lot of magnetic word sets, from first words through genius, 
so kids at all different levels can enjoy making their own combinations.
For more ideas, just browse through the site and visit 
your local independent bookstore (in Nashville that's Parnassus)
or email me describing the child
you want to buy a book for and I'll try to give you a good
suggestion. We've prompted my boy, thank goodness,  to
want two things already. Now we just have to prompt him
and his brother to want to give .  .  .
-Spectrum Mom
Since I wrote this I posted a listmania list on Amazon with 
some non-word gifts.  Other non-book faves around here:
mini-trampoline, body sock, wikki stix.

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