Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chapter Books for Kids with Autism Part Three

My boy is reading Freak the Mighty, along with the rest of
his sixth grade class and the other members of his team who
are helping with the comprehension/communication/etcetera
pieces of his IEP (Individualized Education Plan).
On the plus side for a reader with autism, Freak has
- a linear narrative (oh, that timeline in Holes!)
- short chapters
- first person narration
On the downside,
- no illustrations whatsoever 
Lots of chance to be expressive with the reading, and he
likes that. But he's mainly off on tangents when he reads
with me. They're doing a lot of good work at school, and
when I learn more about concept mapping I'll do a Friday
post. I know they've done some work on a timeline. We've
done some pre-questioning, where we read the questions
first and then read the chapter to answer them. That took 
awhile, and he wasn't enthusiastic which is an accurate
description of our reading sessions so far.
He joys in his digressions-making rhymes, quoting from
tv shows, singing his Freak the Mighty theme song-and none
of my efforts so far have made him hook into the story. I hope
they're having better luck at school .  .  . 
Last night we took a break from Freak and read from Horrid
Henry Wakes the Dead which has all of the above virtues
plus illustrations and is aimed younger (about 3rd grade).
-Spectrum Mom

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