Monday, May 3, 2010

Magazines for Children with Autism

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If you're reading this for guidance, 
remember I'm not an expert, just a 
mom of two, one of whom has a
PDD-NOS diagnosis.

I especially feel I have to say
that on this post, because while
my son glues himself to magazines,
I'm not sure he reads them exactly.

He grabs at them, dives for them,
demands them, and loves them to
death, but he doesn't discuss the
stories, tho he sometimes does
variations on the poems. 

1500 Live LadyBugs - A GOOD BUG! - Lady Bug
His Grandma used to send
him Ladybug-his brother
gets that now-and now
sends him Spider.

These are beautiful 
magazines, published
by the Carus folks who
publish Cricket (which
my grandparents sent

Stories, cartoons, songs
and poems, all accompanied
by beautiful illustrations
grace these magazines.

But at school, my son
loves to dive under a
desk and read
 Highlights For Children

He just likes magazines.

Maybe because he
knows he can finish

Maybe because we
almost never ask him
to read the stories

Anyone have a theory?

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