Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dick King-Smith

The Twin Giants
Family and friends may recall that my 
boy on the spectrum recalls what day 
he read which book.  The fall of 2008 
(he was 8) was partly devoted to the 
works of Dick King-Smith. 

You may know King-Smith from Babe
Babe the Gallant Pig: The Movie StorybookBabe: The Gallant Pig

probably the movie version, but
King-Smith has written many books,
usually, but not always, about animals.

My boy says we read Lady Lollipop
in September, 2008 and the
Twin Giants in October.

Whimsy and simple stories helped us
read these books, though Lady Lollipop
proved tough going sometimes. The 
Princess and her new friends the pig
Lollipop and the pig boy have sometimes
complex emotions. Kids with autism can
have a difficult time understanding
other people's emotions beyond happy
and sad. Frequent pictures helped.

Twin Giants pleased with lots of
pictures, large text, and a simple
goal oriented plot.

Perhaps King-Smith should
write a book about a giant
pig .   .    .

-Spectrum Mom

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