Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Social Stories for a Pandemic

Covid-19 is here, and we need to tell our children about it.
Children with autism may have more anxieties about the virus, or find the disease harder to understand than children not on the spectrum.*

Fortunately, we have social stories.
Here is a link to one from Green Mountain Self Advocates
about what Covid-19 is:

Here is another from Carol Gray:

Social Distancing is vitally important right now, but may be
very confusing. Tennessee Disability Pathfinder shares this
story from Easter Seals Chicago to help explain the concept:

Change social stories to suit your child. Use fewer words 
if that works better. 

Of course, you and your reader can create your own.
If you have the time, it may even be a fun project to
make your own Quarantine Time book with photos
and captions about your family's experiences in
this extraordinary time.

Stay safe.

- Spectrum Mom

*Many children without autism are also having a difficult time.
Social stories may be useful for them as well.

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