Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Magazines - More RIppable Reads

 Last week I found a box in the basement that critters
(mice judging by their handiwork - pawdiwork?)
clawed up pretty well. 
Two Spider magazines survived the wreckage. I
brought them to the carport, mostly because of a cute
polar bear paper doll I thought a friend's kid would
Then my oldest boy saw them. He's sixteen now (must
update the profile). I've tried to clear a lot of old mags
out of his room. So instead of taking it to his room,
he stands over the magazines in the carport and reads
them there.
It has not occurred to him to bring them in, and I won't 
suggest it. He is immensely curious as to where they came
from and if there are more. He remembers all the ones he
read and used to get fairly obsessed with keeping track of them,
an impossible task because very few kept their covers more than a week. 
Without being actively destructive, he's very hard on
reading materials. He reads them on the floor or on the bed, and usually steps on them a lot without noticing.
While searching for a good image for this post I found there's a deep discount on Spider - here's the link
Spider contains a mix of stories, poems and activities, often a rebus
(my son remembers those) or a recipe.
Ladybug magazine (simpler stories and poems) usually has a song. 

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