Friday, January 23, 2015

Education Friday - Quick Reads

I just discovered Quick Reads, a series of books 
designed for adults who don’t usually read for pleasure.
A British publisher approached good authors to write
shorter, more approachable books with adult themes
and ideas.
The website offers lesson plans and other resources.
These books may be a good fit for young adults with
autism who find reading a challenge.
I am eager to read Lindsey Davis’ Quick Read, 
A Cruel Fate. Set during the English Civil War,
its highly relevant theme is the treatment of prisoners.
For animal lovers, there’s Street Cat Bob, about a
street musician who rescues an injured Tom Cat.
Other titles cover the suspense, mystery, and 
chick-lit genres.
While not necessarily offering something for
everyone, there is a wide variety of books. 
If you or your young reader are looking to move on
to adult fare, but want a shorter, more simply written read, 
give these a try. Then comment here.
Confusingly, Educational Company Pearson 
offers a program called QuickReads 
for 2nd through 6th graders 
that I also never heard of before.
Anyone out there with a child who has used it?

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