Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amazing Cows

Sandra Boynton
never runs out of silliness.
This particular book parses cowmedy into many forms.
The jokes that run through it about on the order of
my pun above, but the true humor lies in Boynton's 
unmatchable animals and whimsy.
But my boy likes the puns and the word play, and
the sheer absurdity of the stories, songs, and jokes.
Particularly the cow comic book which riffs on the
Superman tropes inimitably (in its imitation). 
What my boy remembers from the book:
Amazing Cows
Red Rover, Red Rover, let which cow named Tino come over? 
There were 80 cows named Tino. 
“Moo revoir.” 
“Bob, Bob, black sheep, have you any wool? ... little kid who lives dow th-MOOOOOOOOOO!” 
“Cock-a-doodle won’t do.” 
Counselor Phil was teaching his campers to be a cow until he said “Quackity-quack” 
“Johan Sebastian BOCKBOCKBOCK” 

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