Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How Rocket Learned to Read

I'm more familiar with the hyperlexic aspects of the spectrum than with the difficulties some kids find with decoding. Still, this cute picture book seems an useful adjunct to me if you're trying
to get your child to understand the linkage between the
abstract alphabetical symbols and the stories they can tell.
It may help make the leap between letters and words

Little Rocket the dog needs help.
He loves to be read to, but he can't get the stories
out of the books himself.
Fortunately, little yellow bird knows what to do.
Start with the alphabet. The perfect teacher for
Rocket - until Little Yellow Bird leaves for the Winter.

The main plus of this book is its concrete approach
to the alphabet and clear connection between letters
and reading.
Random House offers a study guide for the book to
increase its usefulness to beginning readers and you
can find other useful ways to use the book on the web.
 (yes there's an app).

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