Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Most RecomMended 3

When my son was very small, I read him a Fisher-Price book from who knows where. A flimsy book with a 
flimsy colorful cover with pages stapled in, and
then falling out, and then taped in, again and again
and again, because even though he had the whole
book memorized he wanted to read it again. 
And again.
And again.
It is now more tape than book and I swear I will
throw it out after posting this. Really, I will.
He can't really need to read this again?
Perhaps he does. But I may throw it out anyway.*
We've been trying to make the teenage divide 
visible to him.
Little People Opposite Safari is filled with simple big pictures and simple rhymes.
“Let’s go on safari.
There’s nothing to lose.
Remember your camera,
And wear comfy shoes.”
The rhymes are logical, the little Fisher-Price people and animals
direct and engaging with the opposites bolded for quick emphasis:
“The monkeys climb up, the lions lie down,
They’re all smiles, except for one
rhino’s frown.” 
This flimsy paperback soon became more scotch tape than paper.
Oddly, I never sought out the others in the series, perhaps because
though it clearly satisfied a craving for my son, the merchandizing link
and the simplistic structure became a bit much for me after a while.
If you’ve a source for old paperbacks, the others in the series are:
Alphabet Farm
Number Circus
Color and Shape Shop
-Spectrum Mom
* I tried to recycle it, my husband fished it out and said "But I read this to him hundreds of times!" It's currently in his car.

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