Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kids' Paper Air Plane Book

While most adults now see them as a tedious necessity, 
(oh wait, that’s airport security) 
many children see them as a source of delight. 
Some kids with autism can’t get enough plane facts and never rest till they have been in a cockpit 
(harder to arrange now, but not impossible).
Paper airplanes, while beyond the fine motor and motor skills of some (like me), are a wonderful diversion for others. 
Paper airplane building provides a quiet, engrossing pastime with a result peers can admire. And if your kid does have a passion for planes, don’t assume the folding challenge is beyond them. 
Despite fine motor and motor planning deficiencies, 
my boy can play the piano. 
I assume it’s because he really wants to do so.
The Kids’ Paper Airplane Book gives kids a basic knowledge 
of paper airplane flights. At the back, the authors provide 
full color sheets to fold along with complete instructions
and a flight log. 
If your kid has even higher flight ambitions, Ken Blackburn
and Jeff Lammers also wrote The World Record Paper
Air Plane Book.

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