Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Start 4 - Cut and Paste

Art Books can do more than educate, they can inspire.
My mother used Cut and Paste (Kuwabara) with her kids, 
and the basic idea remains one of the best to involve all kinds
of kids in creating. Just modify the suggestions to suit
your kid. 
Does your kid like tearing up paper?
Sorting into color piles? Counting each piece?
(I tell my kid to paste a certain number of paper scraps).
The collage suggestions in this old book (there's one available
from Amazon, or check the library) are fun because all
the pictures were made by Japanese school kids.
There are, of course, more contemporary books you
can use to inspire.
Ed Emberly's Picture Pie Cut and Paste 
book shows how to use a circle to create all
sorts of fun drawings.
If you want to show your kid the best cut and paster
of all time, consider 
Henri Matisse Drawing with Scissors
in the Smart About Art series.
I'd recommend this one only for more sophisticated
readers, the pages are crowded with illustrations
and different fonts. The conceit of a kid writing
a school report about the artist also makes for
hard going for some of our kids who benefit from
a more straight-forward presentation. 
But it's a small paperback with many glorious
reproductions of Matisse's work.

-Spectrum Mom

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