Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Most RecomMended

Some books get read until they fall apart. You don't get
out of this house that easily. You get taped up and read
again. If you fall apart again, you may get tossed. But
not if you're How Are You Peeling, that rare and  
delightful picture book whose photos are cuter than
many a drawing.
Kids with autism need books about feelings, and this
delightful book has rhymes and produce that more
clearly show emotion than the confusing human 
The creators, Saxton Freymann and Joost Elfers have 
a number of food photograph books including the
board book of Baby Food , but the focus of those
is more on the clever creations. Here the text,
with its repetition of "How are you feeling?"
is of at least equal importance. I wish it were a
board book.
Where's the tape?
-Spectrum Mom

Editorial Note: Of the late the blog has been picture book and early reader heavy.
You can help. If you are or know a tween or adolescent with autism who would
like to write a book review (one sentence is fine!), comment here or email me
at  Reviews by relatives about a book a kid with autism
loves are very welcome too. Thank You!