Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Young kids love animal noises. 
They like to make them. 
They like to listen to them.
And some kids never seem to grow out of this stage.
My boy certainly has not yet.
Animal noises are straight-forward and easy to understand.
Kids with autism often seem to be getting so much
information that they can't sort out what neurotypicals
think important. But animals making animal noises?
Yes, my son agrees to give that precedence over
the number of pages in the book or how the cover feels.
And with younger kids, this book is a great and funny 
introduction to the game of telephone. 
This seems to me to be a great game for
kids with autism to play with neurotypical peers.
My son has always loved to do goofy things with other
Watch the video to see some of Czekaj's cute story.
Autismreads and I are on vacation for the rest of July. But there are over 200 (!) posts,
so I hope you'll find something helpful to you. See you in August!

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