Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reading and Writing Poetry

Sir Walter Scotts Marmion;
I'm a little sad to say goodbye to April and poetry month.
Poetry fits so well with my boy's interests and needs. I wish
people talked about poetry all the time.
My boy will read anything poetic (as opposed
to checking which page chapters begin and end)
including Sir Walter Scott's Marmion (recommended for
middle schoolers to high schoolers who will read anything
that rhymes). Asked for favorite poets he cites Walter Dean
Myers and Robert Louis Stevenson.
We Are America: A Tribute from the Heart
Another aspect of his love for poetry is that although he
does not usually want to write (unless he's writing his own
version of a story that was written "wrong") 
he will write poetry at the tiniest of prompts. 
He especially likes the haiku and tanka 
forms where you count syllables.
The end of April does bring Nashville the special needs
storytime at Green Hills Library, 10:30 am.
This group is going strong. Everyone is
enjoying the chance to hear stories in a
relaxed and comfortable setting.
Rain falls forever down
go out get wet or stay in
find a book to read
-spectrum mom 

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