Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is a Silly Book

The Silly Book with CD*

"Boodleheimer, Boodleheimer, [clap clap clap]"
What's better than a book? A funny book.
Or, in this case, a silly book.
This book deserves a fun for all ages label,
but of course some readers older than eight 
won't pick up a picture book.
I have the opposite problem with my son,
who will not pick up a book without pictures.
The Silly Book has silly pictures, silly songs
(see above) and silly jokes:
"Mr. Leopard, Please pass the salt and peppard."
All this silliness makes The Silly Book 
one of those books I referenced in my last post 
that you find in the less visited dewey decimal areas: 
j818.5402 H229s
Here is my son's review:
"In The Silly Book, I remembered the phrase 
'Gong, bong, gong, bong, gong, beep.'
There were silly names in it, and one was where I was supposed to call Boodlehiemer 'Hiemerboodle.' 
I saw that the silly person was a bird because 
he went tweet tweet."

Keep reading silly, keep reading fun.

-Spectrum Mom
*Amazon has the Silly Book w/o cd, also w/o image. Silly.
But the link above shows very similar cover art. S.

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  1. Can I recommend Orangutan Tongs by John Agee? It's a book of tongue twisters. LOADS of fun! I am also fond of "There was a man who loved a rat and other vile little poems" by Gerda Rovetch and "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"--the new(ish) edition illustrated by Axel Scheffer. All are reviewed on my blog if you want to have a look at them.