Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer book list update

On the summer book list from my last post,  I've read  Ida B. 
and Music of the Dolphins.  I don't know what kids think
of them, but they gave me bad dreams. Music of the Dolphins
resembles Flowers for Algernon closely, though the end
is slightly more upbeat, more like the extraordinarily 
well-written Eva by Peter Dickinson. All three
books speak to the endless striving and the ultimate
 isolation of the human spirit.


Isn't ten years old a little early to dive into that whirlpool?

I certainly have no idea how to begin to
read these books with my child.

Does anyone out there?

Do we force children (with or without
a diagnosis) to read books they have 
little chance of connecting with a
meaningful way? What do parents
do when that is what is expected?

I'll be more upbeat myself next

-Spectrum Mom

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